Wedding Tips & Advice
Top wedding music tips

With the big day only a year away, now is the time to start thinking about your live music amongst the hundred other things on your list. With the countless number of bands and musicians available it's going to take some time so let's dive straight in with our top 10 wedding music tips.

1. Book the wedding band at the right time!

When should you book a wedding band? Whilst it may be tempting (and exciting) to start enquiring two years before your wedding day, that won't necessarily get you the best deal. Wedding bands and musicians probably don't know where they'll be in two years time, after all, they're probably aspiring musicians and songwriters in their own right so may not want to commit too early. With that in mind you may find prices come in higher than usual as bands try their luck this early on.

If budget isn't an issue it will of course give you unlimited options but my advice is to book about 12-15 months in advance, this is when bands start thinking about booking up the following summer, wait too long and you'll find those peak summer Saturdays are completely booked up.

How to Save Money on Your Big Day

There are some aspects of the day that you simply cannot scrimp on, but if saving money is your thing, then you're going to love our list of money saving tips. From vintage 'pre-used' wedding dresses - tailored to your size of course, right through to home made wedding favours, and of course the classic mid-week venue discounts. Read on to find out more.

Wedding Planning Tips

Planning your wedding day can be a fun, stressful and creative process all at the same time, but with so much to consider it's easy to take your eye off the ball and focus too much on one thing. Below are some of our top tips when planning your wedding day.

Stick to the Budget

We all know it's important to start with a budget but how much should this be and how best to allocate this? It's important to have your dream wedding day but this doesn't mean you need to break the bank, don't spend more than you can afford if it means paying back credit cards for the next two years. Plan your spending carefully and focus on what really matters to you both.

The venue is obviously a big one but if you can't afford your dream castle then take a step back and consider other options, your village hall may have huge potential with a little big of creative décor, or perhaps a marquee at the in-laws will create the homely and personal environment that you're looking for.